Monday, 15 June 2015

To blog or not to blog? Why now?

I have been procrastinating a lot (almost 3 years worth of procrastinating to be realistic), about starting a blog. What could I say that would be of interest or consequence to anyone? Well, I've decided now is the time that I took interest & listened to myself. Like many people I am good at giving advice & being there for others. Maybe I'll read what I have to say & finally start listening to myself!? A bit of self therapy.
Wouldn't life be great if we all trusted ourselves, our advice & more importantly, become mindful about our here & now?

 Mindful. It's with a lot of thanks & love to one of my gorgeous cousins that I use the practice of being mindful on a daily basis. (CBT had a part to play in this too). I'm sure this subject will come up often. The link should take you to a good website about mindfulness. It has some lovely inspirational quotes as well as explaining what being mindful is all about & how to practice techniques in your everyday lives.

What will I blog about exactly? I would love to say I have a specific subject but my creative mind does like to ramble so, each time I write it shall probably end up being a 'dear diary' approach with my own take on life in my world with my beautiful, crazy, entertaining family.
I hereby swear to tell the whole truth. LET THERE BE ME! If anyone out there reads this, thank you for braving my ramblings! X

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